The ‘Fierce and Fabulous’ series
Are books, dedicated to the lives and achievements of extraordinary women who are changing the world. We are collecting 16 stories of iconic female leaders to inspire and encourage women and girls.

These are stories of inspirational women, who add value to the lives of others; they play a bigger game and work smart. This book is set to inspire thousands of people around the world. It’s a book every woman should have. These stories range from women who are running successful businesses to women who have overcome life’s challenges. The stories that connect us and empower us. These women are strong and they are lifting other women to do the same. Women like you and I.

Your investment in this book is $2500. Payment plan options available.
You also have the option of being on the cover of your book for $5000, which cover typesetting of the book and cover design.
Your investment includes, logistics, transcribing, professional editing, book cover design, layout and design, printing and postage of your 30 books.

What’s in it for you?

  • You will be a published author if not already
  • You will be tapping into a new market
  • You will be sharing your story and inspiring thousands of people to take action
  • Thirty copies of the book
  • Media coverage

Making Money
As a Contributor to the Book, you are entitled to earn money from the on-selling of the Book via any distribution channels or affiliate marketing you may choose. Contributors will be able to order books from AscendSmart Publishing. Contributors will be able to promote and sell ordered books to customers through various avenues of sale, including but not limited to personal or company websites, speaking presentations, media opportunities, social media and in-person networking.

The Money you make from these sales is yours to keep.

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